Tag 777

War Monger X Top Dog
This female is one we have high hopes for. Her mother is tag 407 who was the Supreme Ewe at the California State fair in 2014. This is her first daughter out of War Monger from Impact who is an Arms Race son. Our War Monger daughters will go into full production this year and we feel this is where they will show their true value for us. Outside of this ewes outstanding genetics we feel phenotypically she is the type of sheep we are striving to produce.
Dirty Dog

Lot 1 tag 0121

We are excited to announce the addition of Lot 1 tag 0121 from Begalka's online bred ewe sale to our program. She's Mayhem X composure and is currently bred to Grizz. This is definitely a foundation female that has been in Begalka's donor pen for 3 years. She has produced 24 lambs for a total of $58,000! She has had 4 sons sold as stud rams, has had wethers that have went to top feeders for Matt Kennedy, the Witte & Currie families in Texas to name a few. They have won either jackpot shows or state fair class winners, & county champions in Texas,California, South Dakota, West Virginia, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota & Nebraska. Her daughters have been top sellers at Begalka's lamb sales , topping it the last 3 years, and sought out by top breeders with 3 of them being flushed currently. Simpson & Warntjes purchased her first daughter at Sedalia and raised a keeper ram (Top Dog) for them and she has been in Jason's Donor pen. Top Dog has been an influential sire in our program. AWTR has a top daughter as well as the Salinas family in Michigan. In addtion to that, her Composure dam was a $7000 high seller purchased from Allred Elliott at their very first bred ewe sale.
Dirty Dog

Sunrise #407
Supreme Ewe California State Fair 2014

Sired by Top Dog X King of Queens dam #922 which has been one of the most important females in our herd since she was born in 2009. 922 consistently produces replacement females that have themselves been producing winners. These are the type of females that sheep breeders love to have because not only do they out produce themselves but they are excellent mothers, good milkers, easy fleshing and they have great dispositions. We are excited for #407's future here at our ranch.
Dirty Dog

Sunrise #501

Dirty Dog X King of Queens #208

Talk about a female that is stout and pulled apart! This gal has been a favorite since she hit the ground. This ewe has awesome rib shape and she's got a big hip in her. This is #208's second lambing with her first being a buck lamb that won the January crossbred class at Reno in 2014. Not only does this ewe lamb have the looks but she has the genetics to back it up.
Dirty Dog

Sunrise #411

Dirty Dog X Mr. Woo

This is one of the first Dirty Dogs to hit the ground and we were not disappointed. When you have big footed, shaggy and powerful combined with the right look this is what you get!
Dirty Dog

Sunrise #406

Top Dog X King of Queens #926

This female is easily one of the widest chested biggest racked and biggest butted ewes not only in our herd but that we have seen. As a ewe lamb she was bred and has already produced a keeper buck lamb. She will continue to be a key producer in our herd.